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Equal Opportunity Representative

The Equal Opportunity Representatives of the Department of Physics are the contact persons for equal opportunities issues in the department and is in close contact with the Central Equal Opportunity Representative of TU Dortmund University. In accordance with the basic regulations of the university, they represent them in the specific concerns of the respective department and support them in the performance of their duties. A particularly important task is the representation of the Central Equal Opportunity Representative in appointment committees.
The Faculty's Equal Opportunities Officers are involved in the creation of the Faculty's equal opportunities concept (in German). Some of the measures planned in this concept are implemented by our Equal Opportunities Team

Further information on the topic of Equality can be found on the pages of the Equal Opportunity Office of TU Dortmund University.

What happens if I contact the Equal Opportunities Officer?

First of all, we would like to point out that we are obliged to maintain confidentiality in our role as Equal Opportunities Officers. All our discussions are confidential. We can then discuss together in an initial meeting which options for action (discussions with other affected parties or the conflict party, discussion with the group leader, whereby initially only the events are described anonymously, involvement of the central equal opportunities officer, ...) present themselves to us. These options for action are diverse and are always developed individually. Even after discussing our options, you can of course decide that we will not take any further action.

When we take action in our role as Equal Opportunities Officer, our aim is always to find a solution that allows you, as the person concerned, to live and work better than before.

If you would prefer counselling after experiencing discrimination and/or sexualised violence outside the faculty, you can contact the ‘Central Counselling Centre for Protection against Discrimination and Sexualised Violence (SchuDS)’. You can also receive anonymous counselling here. 

Deputy Equal Opportunity Representative