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Physics HelpDesk

You still haven't understood the material of your physics lecture correctly or are puzzling over one of the exercises? Then grab your exercise notes and documents and visit the Physics HelpDesk! For the winter semester 22/23, the Department of Physics is offering such a HelpDesk for all physics courses of the first four semesters for the first time. This concerns the lectures and exercises of the modules

  • Physics I-IV,
  • Experimental Physics I-III,
  • Theoretical Physics I-II.

Experienced teaching staff are available at the HelpDesk to support you with all content-related questions. We make a point of ensuring that all members of the HelpDesk team are not currently teaching in the modules you are taking.

The HelpDesk is offered daily at 11:30-12:30 in the foyer of the physics building (near the passage to lecture hall building 2). There is a large poster there, so you cannot miss the location. The HelpDesk starts in the second week of the semester, i.e. on 17.10.22.

The HelpDesk team in winter semester 21/22