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The Master of Physics program

Description of the study programme

The programme has a standard period of four semesters and can be started in any semester. A total of 120 credit points according to ECTS must be successfully completed. The first year of study serves to deepen the students' knowledge of the subject, while the second year is a research phase that is completed with the writing of a Master's thesis. The study program is divided into modules, which comprise one or more courses. The grades of the module examinations are included in the final grade (weighted according to the credit points of the module). There is no final examination for the entire degree programme. The type of examination (oral, written) is specified in the module descriptions or announced at the beginning of the module. The module descriptions are accessible via the module handbook. Further details can be found on the webpages about the course structure, examination regulations and further informations. Starting with the winter semester 2023/24, the master's program in physics will be offered in English.

Research at the Department of Physics

The focus of our research, and thus also the possible specializations of our students, are in the areas

  • Condensed Matter Physics (Solid and Soft Matter), Theory and Experiment
  • Elementary particle physics (in accelerators and with particles from the universe),  Theory and Experiment
  • Accelerator Physics and Synchrotron Radiation
  • Medical physics, Theory and Experiment

We have summarised examples of the design of the elective area for the most common thematic emphases in these study progression plans (in German).

The Master of Science in Physics programme will be switched to English as the language of instruction in the winter semester 23/24.