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Remarks on the procedure for the Master's thesis (Master's degree program in Physics)

  • The "research phase" of the Master's degree program in Physics (generally called "Master's thesis") lasts a total of one year and is administratively divided into two parts.
  • The preparation phase consists of the modules "Methods and Project Planning" (ungraded for all those who started the Master's programme before WS 2015/2016) and "Research Internship". The latter module includes a written report (5 pages, graded).
  • The actual Master's thesis covers a period of six months and directly follows the familiarisation phase.
  • The first examiner (supervisor) must be a person with a habilitation from the Department of Physics at TU Dortmund University. The second reviewer can also be an external person (Jülich, hospital, industry). This person does not have to have a habilitation.
  • Registration takes place at the beginning of the familiarisation phase via the Central Examination Administration. The examination regulations do not provide for interruptions between the two parts. For registration, it must be confirmed that you have read and understood the "Rules of Good Scientific Practice" and will of course comply with them.
  • The submission of the Master's thesis is done electronically via the ExaBase web application...

The main results of the Master's thesis should be presented in one or more talks (usually in the working group seminar). This can be done both during the execution of the thesis and after its completion.