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Where can I get more information about Studium Fundamentale?

You can find more information on the Studium Fundamentale homepage.

In the course "Zwischen Brötchen und Borussia" there are different lectures every semester. Can I attend this course twice and thus receive credit for it twice?

No, it is generally not possible to receive credit for a course twice.

I cannot attend a course for health reasons, can I make up for it?

If you are unable to attend a course within a semester, you can make up the course in the next semester.

How do I get confirmation of my examination results for this course?

If you have fulfilled the necessary requirements, you will receive your examination results at the end of a lecture series on the module certificate for Studium Fundamentale.

When and where can I pick up my module certificate?

You will receive your Studium Fundamentale module certificate at the end of a lecture series during the semester break

What do I do with the completed module certificate?

Forward the completed module slip to your examinations office then. The CPs will then be "credited" to you there.

How many credits can I receive for this course?

You will receive 3 CPs for this course.

Can the credit points be used for courses outside the Studium Fundamentale?

This is not possible in all degree programs in physics and medical physics including the teaching profession.