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Course Structure Master of Physics

Based on the start of studies in a winter semester:

1st Semester

  • Experimental Exercises 1, 6 CP
  • Specialisation module
    • Solid State Theory, 12 CP
    • Elementary particle theory, 12 CP
    • Accelerator physics, 12 CP (part I and II, lasting 2 Semester, option expiring, choice possible for the last time in academic year 22/23)

1st and 2nd Semester

  • Advanced Physics Seminar, 6 CP
  • General specialisation, 24 CP
  • Physics specialisation, 12 CP

3rd Semester

  • Research internship, 15 CP
  • Project planning, 15 CP

4th Semester

  • Master thesis, 30 CP

We have summarised examples of the design of the elective area for the most common thematic emphases in these study progression plans (in German).

Note that the degree program is conducted in German and only individual modules from the elective area take place in English if required.