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Course Structure Master of Medical Physics

Based on the start of studies in a winter semester:

1st Semester

  • Thermodynamics and statistical physics, 9 CP
  • Probability calculation and mathematical statistics , 4 CP
  • Modules in the specialisation area 1, 9 CP
  • Modules in the specialisation area 2, 8 CP

2nd Semester

  • Modules in the specialisation area 1, 14 CP
  • Modules in the specialisation area 2, 16 CP

1st und 2nd Semester

  • Free elective area, 16-21 CP

3rd Semester

  • Knowledge of methods and project planning , 15 CP

4th Semester

  • Master thesis, 30 CP

3rd and 4th Semester

  • Research excercises on the master's thesis

Note that the degree program is conducted in German and only individual modules from the elective area take place in English if required.