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Studying physics in Dortmund

The Department of Physics offers a diverse selection of degree programs and a wide range of research topics. A common basis of prior knowledge at the beginning and intensive support for students are particularly important to us.

Are you still unsure whether Dortmund is the right choice? We have put together 10 reasons why TU Dortmund University is the right choice for you!

Mathematical self-test

Prerequisite for enrollment

The department requires a mathematical self-test as a prerequisite for enrolment for the Bachelor's degree programs The test does not have to be "passed", but is intended to give first-year students an indication of where they stand in terms of their mathematical knowledge.

Facilitaing your start


To make it as easy as possible for you to start your studies, the departments at TU Dortmund University offer a number of preparatory courses. We recommend that you take part in the mathematics refresher course at the Department of Physics and the mathematics preparatory course at the Department of Mathematics. Here you can also get to know your fellow students. You can find all the information on the page for first-year students.

What you can expect

Studying in Dortmund

In the first four semesters of the Bachelor's degree program in physics, we have chosen a different type of physics education in Dortmund than is usual in Germany. The lectures Physics I-IV in these first semesters are held jointly by lecturers from experimental physics and theoretical physics (we call this the "integrated course"). At most German universities, it is common practice to hold parallel lectures on experimental physics and theoretical physics in the first semesters.

For many first-year students, the start of a physics degree course means a change of routine compared to school: in addition to the typical university lecture formats, the department offers a wide range of exercise sessions in which students apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned to specific problems and sometimes work in small groups. In addition, there are electronic formats and later the physics practical lab course. The Department of Physics accompanies the first year of study with so-called tutorials, which are designed to help students answer mathematical and physical questions.

Exploring the world during your studies


Internationalization is close to our hearts. In addition to international guest lecturers , there are also a variety of opportunities to integrate a stay abroad into your studies. Whether it's a study visit, an internship or completing your thesis abroad, there is something for everyone! With a stay abroad, you can improve your language skills, gain new perspectives and network internationally. TU Dortmund University offers scholarship programs both in Europe and overseas.

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In the thick of it

Research areas at the TU Dortmund University

The Bachelor's or Master's thesis is an important part of your studies. You will work independently on a scientific or clinical topic within the working groups of the Department of Physics. The working groups are divided into five different research areas.