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As a rule, the exam dates are announced in the respective courses and the corresponding  Moodle rooms. Many exam dates can also be found in the following way:

  • Go to the LSF  homepage → Select the „Veranstaltungen“-tab → switch to  „Suche nach Veranstaltungen“.
  • In the search mask, enter "02" under "Veranstaltungsnummer" and "Klausur" under "Veranstaltungsart ".
  • You will then receive a selection of the scheduled examinations in physics.

Please note that not all examinations are displayed in this way, but only those that take place during the lecture-free period and have been booked via the central lecture hall allocation, i.e. usually larger examinations. Examinations that take place during the lecture period are not displayed here, nor are the examinations of other department or other universities (e.g., Department of Mathematics, RUB Medicine, ...).