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Mathematical self-test of the Department of Physics

Participation in a mathematical self-test is a compulsory enrolment requirement for the Bachelor of Physics and Bachelor of Medical Physics degree programmes. It is also recommended that students of the physics teaching degree take it. The test is intended to give first-year students an indication of the extent to which it is advisable to review mathematical content before beginning their studies. For such a review, the Department of Physics offers preparatory courses in the three weeks before the start of the lecture period.

Please note that the test is for your orientation only and will not be evaluated by us in terms of content. Only participation in the test is a prerequisite for enrolment. At the end of the test, you can download a certificate of participation to enclose with your enrolment documents.

If you know how to solve most of the tasks of the self-test, nothing stands in the way of a successful start to your studies.  Even in this case, however, we strongly recommend that you take part in the Department of Physics preliminary course, which will take place in the two weeks from 25.9.2023 to 7.10.2023. Should the self-test reveal greater uncertainties, we strongly recommend that you also attend one of our refresher courses to practice mathematical techniques before the actual preliminary course. These take place in the week of 18.9.2023 to 22.9.2023.

In order to get a realistic picture of your level of knowledge, you should work on the self-test without any aids (except for a pen and paper). Only tick an answer if you are relatively sure that it is correct. Otherwise, there is a "Don't know" box for each question that you can tick.

Registration for the mathematical self-test of the Department of Physics.

If you face any problem, please contact the student advisory service of the Department of Physics.