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AMO Physics with Cold Molecules

Our newly established Alexander von Humboldt professorship funded center brings the Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics to the TU Dortmund. We focus on experimental studies of quantum effects in low and ultra low energy collisions reaching temperatures just 0.001 Kelvin above the absolute zero. We are able to observe tunneling and quantum symmetry driven processes with the highest resolution taking place in a single collision event. In our experiment particles' de Broglie wavelength itself serves as a probe for interactions. We are currently building a new experiment where molecules will be cooled to even lower temperatures where we expect to observe new quantum molecular states at the limit of degenerate quantum gas.

Experimental Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Physics with Cold Molecules

Prof. Dr. Edvardas Narevicius

Department of Physics
Otto-Hahn-Str. 4a
44227 Dortmund

Room: CP-03-186
E-mail: edvardas.nareviciustu-dortmundde
Tel.: +49 (0)231 755-8896

© Martina Hengesbach​/​TU Dortmund


"We are among the pioneers in studying quantum effects in cold molecular collisions at the limit of one milli-Kelvin. We have demonstrated how quantum tunneling leads to dramatic changes in collision dynamics and outcome.  Recently, we have opened a new window for quantum experiments where colliding particles’ wavefront has been engineered to carry new quantum numbers, such as center of mass orbital angular momentum. We are developing novel molecular cooling methods with the aim of reaching high enough phase-space densities to observe molecular quantum degenerate gases, either Bose-Einstein or Fermi according to quantum particles’ statistics."

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