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Career Prospects

Physicists work not only in research institutions and universities, but also in many other professions. These range from research-related companies and high tech to banks and insurance companies. In the recent past, physics with its many and sometimes very complex data structures has also produced many data scientists and Industry 4.0 makers. They use the knowledge of mathematics they acquired during their studies, the training in the use of laboratory equipment or simply the physical-logical approach. The career prospects for physicists are excellent: the German Physical Society regularly publishes overviews of the occupational fields in which physicists work as well as information on employment. In the labour market article of 2020, for example, it says "In particular, the employment situation for professionally experienced physicists has so far proven to be crisis-proof." Harald Lesch, prominent physics professor at LMU Munich and well-known from various TV programmes and books, also knows "there are practically no unemployed physicists".

The Department of Physics regularly invites graduates to a career seminar to report on their individual entrances into professional life and to show students useful tips and opportunities.

Testimonials from Graduates