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Dissertation Prize (Department of Physics)

The Rectorate awards authors of outstanding dissertations that have been written at TU Dortmund University with a dissertation prize. The award is intended to promote excellent work by doctoral students and make them known to the public. The funding from the Technical University of Dortmund must be shown in the publication. Award winners can be awarded in all departments. The prize money is up to 1,500 euros per department. The prizes are awarded during the annual academic celebration of TU Dortmund University.

Year Name Thesis Title
2021 Dr. Clara Hormigos Feliu Flavorful models for asymptotic safety
2020 Dr. Kay Schönwald Massive Two- and Three-loop Calculations in QED and QCD
2019 Dr. Felix Paßmann Dynamical Formation and Manipulation of the Persistent Spin Helix
2018 Dr. Sabrina Einecke The Data Mining Guide to the Galaxy Active Galactic Nuclei in a Multi-Wavelength Context
2017 Dr. Julian von der Ecken Atomic insights into muscle contraction by transmission electron cryomicroscopy
2016 Dr. Johannes Hackmann Spin Dynamics in Doped Semiconductor Quantum Dots
2015 Dr. Sebastian Knoche Instabilities and shape analyses of elastic shells
2014 Dr. Johannes Möller Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation and Intermolecular Interactions in Dense Protein Solutions

Dr. Marlene Doert The talkative AGN next door: Broad-band spectral Variability of the TeV blazar Markarian 501
2012 Dr. Martin Schroer Small angle X-ray scattering studies on proteins under extreme conditions
2011 Dr. Marc Aßmann Photon Statistics of Semiconductor Light Sources
2010 Dr. Felix Lehmkühler Formation of clathrate hydrates: An x-ray scattering study
2009 Dr. Stefanie Duffe Thermally activated processes and electronic properties of size selected Ag clusters and grown metal islands on C60 functionalized surfaces
2008 Dr. Henning Sternemann A non-resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study on silicon oxides and clathrates
2007 Dr. Alex Greilich Spin coherence of carries in (In,GA)As/GaAs quantum dots and quantum wells
2007 Dr. Julia Becker On the phenomenology of potential astrophysical neutrino sources