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"Meeting Point Quantum Mechanics"

Treffpunkt Quantenmechanik

The Department of Physics, in cooperation with the Institute of Philosophy, would like to intensify contacts with schools and interest students in scientific topics. We have established a practical course on quantum mechanics, the Treffpunkt Quantenmechanik ("Meeting Point Quantum Mechanics"), in which experiments and teaching materials as well as information on current research are offered or developed. The focus of this project is modern physics. The practical course is intended to introduce students to modern research and to develop or consolidate a modern physical world view. In the meeting point quantum mechanics, the key function of quantum mechanics for modern physics, but also for engineering sciences such as electrical engineering, should be made tangible and understandable to the students.

The Treffpunkt Quantenmechanik offers student experiments on standard experiments in quantum mechanics as well as the provision of demonstration experiments. It is intended to create free space for students to independently develop and work on quantum mechanical problems and to enable both the elaboration and the handling of quantum mechanical terminology. Through the encounters with scientists, information about current research is to be conveyed. Besides an overview of natural-philosophical-historical developments, instructions for the reconstruction of historical experiments shall be given. Finally, the Treffpunkt Quantenmechanik would also like to facilitate the exchange of teaching-learning experiences among teachers and support the creation of teaching materials. The time frame for the work in the Treffpunkt Quantenmechanik can be freely arranged and agreed upon. Most frequently, Treffpunkt Quantenmechanik is used in the following ways:

  • Physics classes at the university: teachers use Treffpunkt Quantenmechanik with their students in a course group for a one-day or multi-day course.
  • Individual students or small groups use the Treffpunkt Quantenmechanik for subject-related work in Q1 (grade 11) and various forms of professional internships.
  • In vacation practicals, students are given the opportunity to carry out experiments during the vacations, independently of school constraints and in preparation for the Abitur.

Further information, such as the instructions, can be found on the Physics Didactics page.