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Equal Opportunities

The "female physicists" see themselves as supporters of equal opportunity work within the department. They are responsible, for example, for organizing the department's offerings as part of the annual Girls' Day. Furthermore, the female physicists occasionally come to support the MinTU project (MinTU: Mädchen in die TU Dortmund).

Another major project, the advertising campaign for physics studies at Dortmund schools, is also carried out by the physicists. The goal of the project is to make the study of physics more accessible for young prospective female students by having female physicists from the department report on their paths into physics at Dortmund's (and the surrounding area's) schools.

For the members of the department, the physicists organize the Physikerinnencafé or one or the other workshop with different topics to bring female students together and to build a strong network within the department.

As part of the mentoring program, new female physics students are assigned to a more experienced mentor who is a direct contact person for (perhaps not always) physics-related problems in the critical early period of their studies. Interested female students are welcome to contact the physicists.

The Physics Department has developed a gender equality concept (in German) for the coming years. The goal is personnel development with a focus on gender equality.


There are numerous possibilities to get in contact with other female physicists from Dortmund, Germany or on an international level. In the following a selection of them is presented:

Further information on the topic of Equal Opportunities at TU Dortmund University can be found at the Equal Opportunities Office of the TU Dortmund University.  The Equal Opportunities Office also has an account on facebook.

Networking opportunities at the Department of Physics

This departmental internal mailing list is not only for networking female students and staff of our department but also to inform about current information on the topic of gender equality and women's advancement, such as:

  • Dates of the "Seminare für Studentinnen" (Seminars for Female Students)
  • Information about conferences (such as the Deutsche Physikerinnentagung (DPT, German Conference of Female Physicists)
  • Information about other events (such as company visits,, etc.)

You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time via the following link:

The mentor program will start from scratch in the winter semester 2020/2021. We (female physicists with experience in their studies) want to be there for you as private contact persons, welcome you and make your start at the Department of Physics at TU Dortmund easier. We are here to help you with words and deeds and we want to be there for you in urgent cases and you ask yourself what made you enroll in (medical) physics or how to cope with all the stress with various hand-in slips and lecture preparations. In the best case a contact will develop that will accompany you throughout your studies.

If you are interested, please contact me (Alina Landmann) and I will put you in contact with your mentors.

Students of higher semesters who are interested in being a mentor for a student at the beginning or during her studies, please contact me as well.


You can reach the Equal Opportunities contact persons by e-mail via gleichstellung.physiktu-dortmundde.