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Equal opportunities

As the equal opportunities team, we see ourselves as supporters of equal opportunities work within the Faculty of Physics. For example, we are responsible for organizing the faculty's offer at the annual Girls' Day.

We are also occasionally involved in supporting the MinTU project.

From the coming semester, we will also be holding Physics Cafés again. We want to meet at irregular intervals as female physicists from the faculty and exchange ideas with each other. All female physicists at every career level (1st semester Bachelor to professorship) are expressly invited to come together. This is intended to strengthen the network within the female physicists of our faculty. You can get the latest information about the Physics Women's Café either via the student council Instagram account or via our internal faculty mailing list.

Via our mailing list we will also inform you about the current offers created by the central equal opportunities department of TU Dortmund University (e.g. female 2 enterprise). In the years in which the Physikerinnentagung takes place, we have always been able to enable some female students to participate in the conference by means of a travel grant. We would also like to continue to make this possible in the future.

We would also like to draw your attention to the numerous opportunities that exist to network with female physicists throughout Germany. In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Working Group of the German Physical Society. Every week, the Instagram account "Physikerinnen in Deutschland" (Female Physicists in Germany ) selects a female physicist of the week whose careers are truly inspiring and motivating. Why not take a look?


You can reach the Equal Opportunities contact persons by e-mail via gleichstellung.physiktu-dortmundde.