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Single-photon emitters in 2D materials

Begin: End: Location: Hörsaalgebäude II, Hörsaal 2
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  • Colloquium
Picture to the colloquium by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bratschitsch © Rudolf Bratschitsch ​/​ Universität Münster

Lecture at the Colloquium by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bratschitsch

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bratschitsch

Single-photon emitters in 2D materials

Atomically thin materials serve as a promising new material class for optoelectronics. Monolayer semiconductors such as MoS2 or MoSe2 exhibit prominent photoluminescence. Recently, we have discovered bright and stable single-photon emitters in single layers of WSe2 [1], which renders atomically thin semiconductors also interesting for quantum optics and quantum technologies.

In my talk, I will show that these quantum light sources can be controlled by mechanical strain and demonstrate deterministic positioning of the emitters on the nanoscale [2]. Furthermore, I will present single-photon emission from GaSe [3], and demonstrate that the emitted photons can be routed in optical waveguides on a photonic chip [4]. Finally, I will discuss the nature and prospects of single-photon emitters in the van der Waals insulator hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) by focusing on how large emitter arrays can be created with commercially available hBN nanocrystals [5] and how light can be efficiently collected in the far-field with the help of 3D-printed polymer lenses [6].



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