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The History and Future of the Universe - from the Big Bang to Heat Death

Begin: End: Location: Lecture Hall Building II, Lecture Hall 1 and 2
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  • Veranstaltungen
  • Brötchen-und-Borussia
Portrait of Christoph Lange © Christoph Lange​/​TU Dortmund

Lecture in the series "Brötchen und Borussia" by Prof. Dr. Christoph Lange, Department of Physics, TU Dortmund University

We illuminate the history and the future of the universe, starting from the Big Bang, through the formation of the first stars, the macroscopic structures observable today in their great variety and beauty, to a distant future that will take place far after the lifetime of our solar system. In this phase, the universe is still occasionally illuminated by newly forming stars, but due to its expansion it becomes visibly emptier until it finally remains dark, cold and immeasurably extended and literally reaches the end of time with the decay of the last matter. Along the way, there are numerous exciting extremes of cosmology, involving rich physical concepts such as nuclear pasta and quantum vacuums, or effects such as gravitational waves or Unruh-Hawking radiation from black holes.

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