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Change of course

The bachelor's degree courses in physics and medical physics are designed in such a way that one can also continue one's studies in the other master's degree course if certain examinations are made up for. This page informs you about the respective requirements, which can alternatively be taken during the bachelor's degree. If you wish to switch between the two specialist courses and the teacher training courses (in both directions), the individual case must be considered. Contact the academic advisory service if you have any questions in these changes.

Change from Bachelor in Physics to Master in Medical Physics

Exam requirements:

  • Theoretical Medicine (10 CP)
  • Medical Physics (12 CP)
  • Clinical internship

Change from Bachelor Medical Physics to Master Physics

Exam requirements:

  • Introduction to Solid State Physics (9 CP)
  • Introduction to Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics (9 CP)
  • Thermodynamics and Statistics (9 CP)

Please note that it is no longer possible to replace the module Structure of Matter in the Medical Physics Bachelor's degree with Introduction to Solid State Physics and Introduction to Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics.