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Possibilities and Opportunities for Transfer in Physics

Begin: End: Location: Hörsaalgebäude II, Hörsaal 2
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  • Colloquium
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Lecture at the Colloquium by Dr. Christoph Besenfelder (CET)

Dr. Christoph Besenfelder (CET)

Possibilities and Opportunities for Transfer in Physics

TU Dortmund University is firmly committed to the transfer of technology and knowledge to industry and society as their Third Mission next to research and education. In this context, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Transfer (CET) will present their services and describe different possibilities and opportunities for transfer specifically for the field of Physics. Transfer is understood in a broader definition than just the founding of startups or spinoffs, but rather in a more holistic way, also including examples like the social innovation, the transfer of people as well as practical technological uses.

The CET aims to provide knowledge about different ways of possible transfer and to increase the awareness of researchers and students alike to those possibilities. The services of the CET include the management of intellectual property, support in establishing contacts with industry partners, helping with the acquisition of funding for transfer projects and the organization of events like Hackathons/Makeathons.