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Thesis defense of Andreas Fischer

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Spin dynamics in interacting semiconductor quantum dots

We study the spin dynamics in an ensemble of singly charged semiconductor quantum dots. The spin of the confined charge carriers can be polarized by coherent laser pulses. Due to the strong localization of the charge carrier, the hyperfine interaction with the local nuclear spin bath is the main contribution to the electron spin decoherence. Two-color pump-probe experiments indicate a coherent long-ranged interaction between the electron spins in different quantum dots. In this thesis, we develop a semiclassical approach based on spin-coherent states that allows for the efficient simulation of large spin systems and in addition preserves quantum mechanical properties on the level of single spins. We extend the semiclassical approach to open quantum systems using a quantum jump approach. We perform an in-depth analysis of the coherent optical manipulation of an interacting quantum dot ensemble employing pulse sequences with tailored spectra. Moreover, we study the cross-correlation spectra of second and fourth order to obtain complementary information about the spin system. Finally, we examine the intertwined dynamics of the electron spin and the nuclear spins at low temperatures to study the formation of a highly correlated nuclear-spin polaron state.


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The campus of the Technical University of Dortmund is located near the freeway junction Dortmund West, where the Sauerland line A45 crosses the Ruhr expressway B1/A40. The Dortmund-Eichlinghofen exit on the A45 leads to the South Campus, the Dortmund-Dorstfeld exit on the A40 leads to the North Campus. The university is signposted at both exits.

The "Dortmund Universität" S-Bahn station is located directly on the North Campus. From there, the S-Bahn line S1 runs every 20 or 30 minutes to Dortmund main station and in the opposite direction to Düsseldorf main station via Bochum, Essen and Duisburg. In addition, the university can be reached by bus lines 445, 447 and 462. Timetable information can be found on the homepage of the Rhine-Ruhr transport association, and DSW21 also offer an interactive route network map.



One of the landmarks of the TU Dortmund is the H-Bahn. Line 1 runs every 10 minutes between Dortmund Eichlinghofen and the Technology Center via Campus South and Dortmund University S, while Line 2 commutes every 5 minutes between Campus North and Campus South. It covers this distance in two minutes.



From Dortmund Airport, it takes just over 20 minutes to get to Dortmund Central Station by AirportExpress and from there to the university by S-Bahn. A wider range of international flight connections is offered by Düsseldorf Airport, about 60 kilometers away, which can be reached directly by S-Bahn from the university's train station.

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The facilities of TU Dortmund University are spread over two campuses, the larger Campus North and the smaller Campus South. Additionally, some areas of the university are located in the adjacent "Technologiepark".

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