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EU funds international master's program in physics with 4.5 million euros

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The four-semester Master's programme takes place in English at all three locations - Dortmund, Bologna and Clermont-Ferrand.

The Faculty of Physics has been able to attract millions of euros in funding from the European Union for its international master's program with a focus on particle physics: In the Erasmus Mundus program, the three universities involved in the "International Master of Advanced Methods in Particle Physics" (IMAPP) program will receive funding amounting to 4.5 million euros. More than half of the funding will be distributed in the form of scholarships to the best international students over the next six years.

The Faculty of Physics offers the IMAPP study program, which provides a technical specialization in particle physics, in cooperation with the University of Bologna in Italy and the University of Clermont Auvergne in France. The TU Dortmund University is the spokesperson for the program. Participants gain valuable international experience, as their four-semester course is taught in English at all three locations. In addition, they acquire skills that are in demand on the job market with comprehensive method training: from programming to machine learning to instrumentation. In addition, the joint IMAPP degree is a good prerequisite for a subsequent doctorate.

Scholarships for the best international students

Now the Faculty of Physics at TU Dortmund University has also succeeded in convincing the European Union of the merits of this course of study. The Erasmus Mundus program only accepts international courses of excellence that are offered by at least three universities from three European countries and result in joint degrees. Thanks to the funding, TU Dortmund University will soon be able to set up a new coordination office specifically for the program and organize excursions and summer schools, for example. "However, the funding also directly benefits the students," emphasizes Prof. Kevin Kröninger, Dean of the Physics Faculty. The best international students can be supported with scholarships of up to 1,400 euros per month from the winter semester 2023/24. "From now on, we want to address international students who do not come from Europe even more specifically. Those who qualify for the scholarship will benefit from full financing of their studies," says Kröninger.

"The international master's program in cooperation with the universities in Bologna and Clermont Auvergne is an important building block for the advancing internationalization of TU Dortmund University," says Prof. Tessa Flatten, Vice-Rector International Affairs at TU Dortmund University. "I am therefore very pleased that funding in the millions has been obtained for this program as part of the Erasmus Mundus program. This underlines the importance and attractiveness of the degree program and increases the international appeal of the entire university." The IMAPP program fits into the recently published internationalization strategy of the TU Dortmund University, in which the expansion of the international study program at the university was defined as one of the central goals.

IMAPP: flanked by further funding

While the Erasmus Mundus scholarship is aimed at the best international students, all IMAPP participants can benefit from funding from the Franco-German University (DFH). During their time abroad, they receive a DFH scholarship of up to 300 euros per month. To promote internationalization on its own campus as well, the Physics Faculty has also established the Ulrich Bonse Visiting Chair in Instrumentation for the summer semester of 2022. As part of the program, a new internationally renowned guest comes to TU Dortmund every semester, whose courses are an integral part of the IMAPP. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports the guest chair through its guest lecturer program.

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