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Annsofie Tappe und Helen Thews

B. Sc. Medical Physics / TU Dortmund

We started our studies in medical physics at TU Dortmund University in the winter semester of 2019. The preliminary courses and the events of the student council were a good start. The preliminary courses offered us a good opportunity not only to meet new friends, but also to find our way into everyday university life. At the countless events during the orientation week, we were also able to make contact with students from the higher semesters. The weekly assignments can be managed well and also with fun in small groups. Good places for this are the physics foyer and the department library. If you get stuck with the assignments, you will find fellow students who will help you. Even in the online semester, the student council offers many opportunities to exchange ideas with others. If you have questions about the content of the course, you can always contact the course instructors or the lecturers. They always give you the opportunity to ask questions. In the online semester this is possible by offering consultation hours or at the end of the lecture. A relaxing lunch break can be realized in the various refectories. In addition to the studies, the student council offers a wide variety of events that provide variety.

Annsofie Tappe and Helen Thews © Annsofie Tappe and Helen Thews​/​TU Dortmund